What we want

We want you

If your goal is to work in the marketing communications industry, then this is the programme for you. Our programme is unique and it is open to everyone, whether you have a degree or not.

We are looking for passionate, hard-working, fast-thinking and resilient individuals with excellent interpersonal and communications skills. People who think creatively and push boundaries. We are proud of our inclusive culture and we are on a diversity journey –  we want to hear from people from all backgrounds.

The Clemenger Talent Programme is a nine month, fixed employment agreement. Successful candidates learn from the best of the best, in a fast-paced, real environment.

The first few months are spent rotating between our agencies and departments to get an understanding of the various aspects of the marketing communications industry. This rotation period is a unique opportunity and sets our programme apart from others.

After the rotation period,  each candidate is given a six-month placement at one of our agencies.

The recruitment process is in two stages. The first stage, is answering our questions to get to know you. This stage is open until Tuesday 31 August 2021.

We will then shortlist candidates, and conduct interviews in September and October.

Successful candidates will commence employment in February 2022.

Please note, you need to be a citizen or resident of either NZ or Australia to participate in our talent programme.

About us

About us

We are the Clemenger Group, New Zealand’s largest group of marketing communications companies.

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Application process

Apply now

We want to get to know you and what makes you tick. Help us understand who you are, and why you want a career in our industry.

You’ll need to answer some of our questions, and attach your CV.


Applications for 2022 have now closed.


Questions and answers

What you need to know

What’s account management?

This area is also called account service. This team is responsible for the relationship with an agency’s clients and manages the whole creative process from taking a brief to delivery of the finished project, working closely with all of the specialist departments in the agency and talking with the clients every day.

What’s planning?

This area is also called ‘strategy’. The team is responsible for the strategy on each account from top level business strategy of a client to the more specific strategy for a given marketing campaign. They work closely with the client and account service to define the client’s business problem and develop the brief, and then with creatives to ensure their ideas are in the right space.

What’s production?

This department could also be called ‘operations’. This team is responsible for taking the approved idea and turning it into a real thing, whether that’s a film, an app, an event, a poster, a website, or anything else. They work closely with the creatives to ensure their vision is brought to reality, and account service to ensure client objectives are met.

What would you be doing?

You’ll spend the first few months rotating around key departments across various agencies. The remainder of your placement will be spent in one of these departments, chosen based on an evaluation of your skills and performance in the rotation. You’ll be supporting the teams in the delivery of real work for clients, learning the ropes and taking on more responsibility as time progresses.

When would I start and what will I earn?

The programme commences in February 2022, and you’ll be on an entry-level salary earning the living wage.

What happens at the end of the programme?

While there is no guarantee of a job at the end of the programme, in previous years, most graduates have been offered a job. Worst case scenario you’ll leave with a heap of amazing experience and a fantastic CV.

Are there any minimum criteria for application?

You don’t need to have any specific academic qualifications. In this instance we’re more interested in how you think, how you behave and the kind of person you are. We’re looking for people that will thrive in a fast paced agency environment, so enthusiasm, dedication and good communication are a must. But beyond that, it’s up to you.

How will you judge my question answers?

This is always going to be a bit subjective, but we want to get a feeling for who you are, how you think, how you’ve got where you are, and how you might fit in the agency.

Could I get a job as a creative?

Unfortunately not, that’s not what this programme is about.

More questions?

Please contact us at [email protected]